Our Team

Al Walsh
Worship Team

Allie Parshley
Assistant to Kids and Students Ministry

Bob Boulter
Campus and Events Manager

Brandon Hollern
Director of Finance & Tech

Brian Crook
Director of Strategic Planning

Carol Guarrieri
Director of Missions

Chris Pierorazio
Worship Team

Colleen Droney
Administrative Assistant

Daniel Miller
Director of Student Ministry

Ed Bradley
Rebuilt Parish Association

Gene Hartman
Cafe Manager

Jackie Guidera
Director of Small Groups

Jay Goldscher
Weekend Ops

Jeremy Travlos
Creative Associate

Joe Weaver
Worship Team

John Baker
Campus & Events Manager

Kellie Caddick
Director of Marketing & Communications

Kelly Lippenholz
Director of Student Ministers

Kristin DeVan
Creative Associate

Linda Skeen
Administrative Assistant

Lisa Azzaro
Director of Children’s Ministers

Lucas Busko
Creative Associate

Marie Bode
Administrative Assistant

Maru Fava
Finance Coordinator

Maggie German
Director of Children’s Ministry

Meghan Glikin
Time Travelers Coordinator

Michael Hamilton
Director of Worship Arts

Roberta Juska
Stewardship Coordinator

Stephanie Downes
Director of Adult Ministry

Sue Mihok
Director of Operations

Tom Corcoran
Associate to the Pastor