Take Your 1% Step

Stewardship Weekend

November 18th & 19th is Stewardship Weekend at Nativity. This is the one weekend per year that we talk about making a financial commitment to this local parish. This year we are asking a very specific challenge for our members and regular attenders. We propose that each parish household prayerfully consider giving 1% more of their annual income to support the ministry and mission of Nativity. To take this 1% step, we have developed a tool to help you evaluate your current level of giving, and see what adding 1% more to your current giving would mean in actual dollars.



We first evaluate both our current giving and how we might grow it. Using the tool below, please input your annual income and your current level of offertory giving to Nativity. The evaluator will then show you what an increase in your giving would be if you decide to take the “1% Step” and give one percent more of your income to Nativity.



Heavenly Father – all in heaven and on the earth is yours, and everything I have is from you. Grant me the grace to increase my trust in you and decrease my dependence on material things. Help me to know you as a Father who desires always to share blessings with his children. Especially during this season of stewardship, show me how you want me to use the money and resources you have given me to build your Kingdom. Thank you that as I give I am able to honor and worship you and extend blessings to others. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

What is cnKids


Commit to your new giving amount of $0.00 per year for the upcoming year.

Commit for 2018


Consider Making your Gift Automatic

Disciples make giving a part of their plan. Prayerfully consider making your gift to Nativity automatic. You can set up an automatic gift through your checking account, or through your debit/credit card. Click one of the links below to set up your gift.