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What to know for your first time here

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We want you to get the most out of your Nativity experience on the weekend! Whether you’re new to our church, or have been coming for a while, join us after any Mass at the Next Steps Kiosk to enjoy a brief tour of our campus.

Where should I go when I get there?
Our parking team will guide you to a parking spot on our lot. Just follow the smiling faces in the bright yellow vests. Our greeting team will meet you at the door and show you where to find the sanctuary, restrooms, and children’s programs. If you need anything throughout the day, feel free to stop by the Information Desk, or just ask anyone with a Nativity lanyard or nametag. We’re here to serve!

What do you do for kids?
We love kids and want them to hear about God on their own level. Our cnKids programs are safe, age-appropriate environments where kids have their own service with singing, a Bible lesson, and small group time. Children 6 weeks through 6 years check-in beforehand and attend cnKids during the entire Mass. Children in grades 1 through 5 attend Mass with their parents and are invited to step out during the readings & homily for our high-energy Time Travelers program.

What can I expect at Mass?
We’re a Catholic church, so if you have ever been to Mass before you’ll recognize the liturgy and prayers. You may notice we do a few things differently as well. We have contemporary worship music, featuring songs you’d hear on the radio and hymns that have been sung for centuries. When it comes to the homily, our messages are offered as a part of a series. We take a topic or theme and walk together through it for a few weeks. If you want to see what we are talking about right now, check out our current series.

What else do I need to know?
Everyone is welcome! Regardless of your beliefs or background, everyone who comes on our campus is an honored guest. We’re here for you. And don’t feel like you have to dress up. Most people wear casual attire, but you are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. If you have any questions before your visit, email us!


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