If you are just beginning your Faith journey, interested in becoming Catholic, new to the Catholic Faith, or have been a lifelong Catholic seeking to go deeper in your Faith, we have a place for you. Your Catholic Journey is a series of programs that offer a casual environment to explore God, Jesus, The Bible and our Catholic Faith.

Review the programs below and choose the one that best fits where you are in your journey. You can fill out the inquiry for that program to learn more about the program.

We look forward to walking with you on your Faith Journey.

Become Catholic

Spark Your Belief

You are invited to join our conversational, small group environment where you can explore faith and experience community. Spark is a safe place to ask questions and learn about the Bible and Christianity. Are you curious about God, Jesus and the Bible, or have you just begun a relationship with Christ? Do you have some church experience but have been away for a while? If you answered yes to any of those questions, welcome to Spark.

Ignite Your Faith

(formerly Vantage Point)

Are you discerning to be Baptized or Confirmed in the Catholic Faith? You are invited to a casual, small group conversation designed for people exploring Catholic Christianity. Together, we will look at the bigger picture of God, Jesus, the Bible, the Christian story and the Catholic Church. Ignite Your Faith is designed for those discerning to become Baptized or Confirmed in the Catholic Faith.

Illuminate the Good News

Have you been recently Baptized and or Confirmed? You are invited to join our casual, small group environment so we can walk with you as you take your next steps in your Catholic journey. Together, we will look at the Acts of the Apostles and shine a light on the mystery of our Faith.

Are you already Catholic but want to relearn or dive deeper into the foundations of the Catholic Faith? Do you have questions now that you didn’t have as a younger person learning your Catholic roots? Join us in this small group, conversational environment to explore the origins of your Faith.