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We are a Roman Catholic community of faith in North Baltimore dedicated to reaching unchurched Catholics and everyone with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. We want to welcome you, whoever you are and where ever you’re coming from.

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Got Kids?

Explore our Next Generation Programs

  • 6 Weeks to 5 Years
  • Grades 1-4
  • Grades 1-4
  • Grades 5-8
  • Grades 9-12
  • Grades 5-12
  • All Stars

    Our youngest children will dance, sing, play, and use their imagination as they hear Bible stories, meet heroes of our faith, and become familiar with God, their Heavenly Father. All Stars isn’t babysitting but a worship experience for preschoolers starting as young as six weeks and going all the way to age five.  Watch this week’s Kids message online here.

    In person All Stars occurs during every weekend Mass
    Saturday 5pm
    Sunday 9am
    Sunday 11am

    If you are interested in coming in person, let us know ahead of time by registering here.

  • Time Travelers

    The Word of God comes alive for kids in grades 1-4 as they join Time Travelers during Mass for a special message that takes them back in time to the same Bible stories adults are hearing in the Sanctuary. Through music, videos, stories, games, and friends, Time Travelers will learn how God’s Word can help them make wise choices, that they can trust God no matter what, and how to love God with their whole heart, soul, and mind.

    Time Travelers occurs during every weekend Mass
    Saturday 5pm
    Sunday 9am
    Sunday 11am

    Watch this week’s Time Travelers video online here.

  • Quest

    Kids find friends in faith and experience everything from science experiments to brain teasers to laugh-out-loud skits that help them know Jesus loves them (and that’s cool!). We learn and worship in Mass, and we grow in small groups. In Quest, kids are in a consistent group each week that prays together and plays together. Their faith will change and grow, they will laugh, they will ask questions, and they will start with a small group that we hope will be consistent throughout their childhood and adolescence in Next Gen Ministry.

    Quest Times
    Saturday 6:05-6:35pm
    Sunday 8:25-8:55am
    Sunday 10:25-10:55am
    Interested in registering for Quest? Register here.

  • Resurrection

    In one power-packed hour per week, middle schoolers compete over meaningful games, enjoy a message for their growing faith, and start a conversation with friends. We pack the theater for a live message, worship with the Student Band, and get a sense that we are part of something big together. As middle schoolers rise, their small groups become more independent: Their discussion can go a little longer and deeper, we break them into boys and girls groups, and they continue to receive a message tailored to their age and stage.

    Resurrection Rise Time
    Sundays 6:30pm-7:45pm

    If you would like to register for Resurrection, click here.

  • Uprising

    Once teens reach high school, they are dared to make faith their own through weekly commitment, more challenging messages, questions, and activities. Small groups meet at a time and place of their choosing. Often in Uprising our leaders don’t offer answers but questions because we want to teach high schoolers how to think rather than what to think since they increasingly face adult decisions.

    Uprising Times
    Sunday 4:00pm-5:15pm

    If you would like to register for Uprising, click here.

  • Students

    If anyone is going to change the world, it’s the next generation. Our student ministry is for students in 5-12th grade. It’s designed to give them a place where they can connect with God, with other people, and have fun. Learn more about programs for students here

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