“… And the two of them become one body” Genesis 2:24

Marriage Matters

Nativity’s marriage ministry exists to guide couples through faith formation and offer ongoing support and encouragement in marriage. Our vision is that your marriage would glorify God, be Christ-centered; and create united families, thriving children, a stronger church and a healthier community.

Nativity offers several ways to strengthen and support marriages, moving couples closer to Christ. We also offer marriage preparation for engaged couples.

Wedding Inquiry

Congragulations on your engagement! We have a team of people ready to work with you as you prepare for your special day.  Please click here to submit a wedding inquiry.

REFOCCUS on Marriage

Been married for a few years or for a long time? REFOCCUS is a self-guided process to help married couples navigate the changes that occur over time in a marriage.

Join a couples small group

Join a small group with couples in a life stage, just like you!

Marriage Ministry Events

Attend a workshop designed for couples! Visit the Event Calendar for events coming up.

FOCCUS on Marriage

FOCCUS on marriage is Nativity’s marriage preparation program consisting of 2 steps:

1. Attend the FOCCUS on Marriage Event on Saturday from 5pm – 8:30pm at Nativity,

2. Meet with a mentor couple for 3-4 sessions on the FOCCUS inventory which prepares couples for all aspects of a Christian marriage.

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Meet our Marriage Ministry Team

Matt and Maureen

Matt and Maureen met in their early twenties the old fashioned way: in a bar, before the use of cell phones when you wrote a person’s phone number on a napkin. They were married by Father White two years later at the Loyola College chapel. Maureen is a lifelong member of Nativity and Matt joined around the time of their wedding over two decades ago.

Dave and Lori

Dave and Lori Cuomo have been married for 14 years. Dave is from Baltimore, and grew up going to Church of Nativity. Lori is from the great state of Iowa and met Dave on a short 12 month accelerated nursing program at Johns Hopkins. Now, they have four children- Joey, Katy, Maggy and Josh. They have very different family backgrounds – Dave’s is loud Italian, Lori’s is more subdued and quiet MidWest farmers. They believe that GOD had a plan and brought them together for his purpose and look forward to sharing with you their lessons learned as a married couple.

Tyler and Kristin

Tyler and Kristin have been married for five years, and have two children, Essie (3) and Tanner (1). They have been serving with the 2.24 marriage ministry for four years, and love helping other couples prepare for the transition to marriage. Tyler works in contracting at APG, and Kristin is the director of campus ministry at Maryvale Preparatory School. Their favorite part of being married is the support of partnership, and lots of laughs.

Joel and Sheryl

Joel and Sheryl have been married for 8 years and have two beautiful energetic children, Jake and Julianna. They have been part of Nativity since 2010 and have been involved in several ministries and are currently active Host and Eucharistic Ministers.

Steve and Jenny

Steve, an introvert from upstate New York, was raised in an Italian Catholic home. Jenny, an extrovert from Baltimore, grew up attending a nondenominational Christian church. Jenny and Steve have been married for a little over two years and are enjoying being newlyweds-traveling, working, and spending time with family, friends, and their dog, Winston. Jenny is a school psychologist and Steve works for the federal government. After thoroughly enjoying and benefiting from 2.24 and other pre-marital workshops, they want to help other couples have similar experiences.