Local & Global Partners

Our Mission

NativityMissions is making church matter by influencing our world for Christ. Our strategy is to pursue this vision through strategic partnerships. We’re not out to create new ministries but to partner with the works God is already blessing. We’re aiming to focus strategically on a few excellent partnerships, not spread out our resources across many different efforts. Learn more about our current strategic partners below.


The 410 Bridge

The 410 Bridge seeks to radically improve the pace and depth of growth in the spiritual and physical health of communities in the developing world by engaging churches in healthy global missions. NativityMissions partners with them in two communities in Haiti and Kenya. Their model focuses on raising up indigenous leaders in impoverished, rural communities who can assess the needs of their community and develop a plan for improvement. They focus on five main areas of development: water, health, education, economic development, and discipleship.


Araminta Freedom Initiative

Araminta Freedom Initiative exists to awaken, equip and mobilize the Church and our community to end human trafficking in the Baltimore area. Volunteers with Araminta engage in four areas: prevention of the sexual exploitation of minors, systemic economic deterrence of the business of human trafficking, intervention and rescue of those held against their will, and the provision of aftercare initiatives that provide healing and wholeness to victims.


The Baltimore Station

The Baltimore Station turns lives around. We are an innovative, therapeutic residential treatment program supporting veterans and others who are transitioning through the cycle of poverty, addiction, and homelessness to self-sufficiency. We believe recovery requires months of a highly structured, therapeutic environment to learn a new way of thinking and living. We have a proven track record of rehabilitating men and are one of only two long-term therapeutic recovery programs in Baltimore and the only one where residents stay beyond 12 months. Long-term focus has resulted in real success — 68% of our residents complete the program and go on to lead productive lives.


Faith Alive Hospital

Dr. Chris Isichei is the founder of the Faith Alive Hospital. Faith Alive’s main hospital is located in Jos, Nigeria, and the span of their healthcare reaches out across the country through almost a dozen satellite clinics. Their vision is to provide free, holistic healthcare and social services to all of Nigeria. The hospital treats HIV/AIDS patients, those infected with tuberculosis and malaria; they offer emergency services and surgery as well as Christian outreach and discipleship.


First Fruits Farms

First Fruits Farm is a non-profit, Christian ministry dedicated to providing fresh, nutritious food for the hungry through volunteer service and community partnerships. Our vision is to cultivate the sustainable miracle of food to meet each person’s hunger for nourishment, service, and inspiration. 100% of everything the Farm grows is donated in Jesus’ name to feed children and adults who are struggling to access one of their most basic needs.  Since our inception, more than 25 million pounds (50 million servings) of our fresh produce has been harvested and distributed to our network of over 130 organizations including food banks, shelters, schools, and churches


My Sisters Place

My Sister’s Place Women’s Center (MSPWC) is the combined home of four Catholic Charities programs. MSPWC provides: housing assistance, education, life skills training, benefits advice, case management, financial assistance, linkage to other community providers, financial literacy services, and personal services. MSPWC also provides three meals each day to women and children in need.


Sisters Circle

Sisters Circle is a stand-out mentoring organization for girls in Baltimore. They strive to build meaningful one-to-one relationships through mentor-mentee activities, personalized support, and mentor coaching along the way. Mentors make a long-term commitment to serve as a consistent presence in a young girl’s life through middle and high school by introducing her to new experiences and opportunities. We invite you to foster meaningful and sustainable change in a young girl’s life…and your own.


Anawim Home Orphanage

Sr. Oresoa Selo-Ojeme is the founder of the Sisters of the Poorest of the Poor. Anawim Home Orphanage is their central location just outside of Abuja, Nigeria. “Anawim” is a Hebrew word that means the poor, outcast and rejected – more specifically those who cannot rely upon their own strength but must turn to God to provide. Sr. Oresoa’s order runs orphanages and other facilities across Nigeria, rescuing vulnerable children, working with young mothers, rehabilitating commercial sex workers, and caring for the destitute and mentally ill.


Southwest Partnership

The Southwest Partnership is a coalition of seven neighborhood associations and six anchor institutions in Southwest Baltimore. We envision an awesome, healthy, architecturally beautiful, diverse, cohesive community of choice built on mutual respect and shared responsibility. We aim to maintain this vision through productive land uses and partnerships that will maintain a cohesive community.