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Important Enough

We struggle with having enough or being enough. We wonder if we’ve invested in our kids enough to set them up for success. We wonder if we’ll have enough money for retirement and our futures. We live with a sense that we are not doing enough but at the same time, we’re not sure what enough is or what’s really important. Is there a way to know when enough is enough? Is there a way to be content and satisfied? Join us as we answer these questions and more in our fall series “Important Enough” at all weekend masses beginning September 8 & 9.



Confessions of a Control Freak

Surrender is a word that has many negative connotations. Songs and saying that tell us to never surrender resonate deeply with us. However, when it comes to the Christian faith, surrender is absolutely necessary. We surrender to God who is, in all ways, more powerful and stronger. We surrender our ways for his ways.

This a series all about stories: we’ll be looking at the stories of great (and not so great) figures in Scripture who all faced the challenge of surrender to self and the rewards of trust in God. In their stories we’ll learn more about our own story.

In this series we will look at the surprising truth that we often have to surrender to succeed and win. We surrender something of smaller value to get something even greater. It turns our God takes full responsibility for the life fully surrendered to him.

Join us beginning the weekend of October 13 &14 for our all new message series: Confessions of a Control Freak.