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In The Beginning

“In the beginning…” are the first words of the Book of Genesis, a book filled with stories about God and humanity, stories that teach us important lessons about life and faith. But some of the stories seem so strange, others impossible to understand. What do they all mean and how can they help us?

For the first summer series of the season, we are taking a walk through the entire Book of Genesis to explore how the ancient truths contained inside are still relevant today.

Join us for our message series going through the book of Genesis beginning the weekend of June 16 & 17.

Our summer series are offered after each weekend Mass.


Bad Guys of the Bible

Every great story has a great villain. There’s always a bad guy who opposes the hero, creates trouble, and sometimes even gets away with murder.

We see this played out again and again in the Bible as well. In this new summer series, we’ll look at some of the most famous bad guys in Scripture. What was their motivation, what went wrong in their lives, and how can we avoid their missteps and mistakes. In knowing their failures, we can have a clearer understanding of God’s right paths
Join us for our second summer message series, at all weekend masses the weekend of August 11 through September 2.