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Hooked: Followers Fish

Over and over again in the Gospels we learn that the very best way to grow in faith is to share our faith. But for most of us that is an intimidating and uncomfortable idea. We don’t know how to do it, we don’t know when or where to do it. Besides, we basically just don’t want to do it.

This message series will encourage parishioners to take some simple steps in sharing their faith through an approach we call “Invest and Invite.” Join us for this three week series beginning the weekend of February 9 & 10 for Hooked.



What On Earth Am I Here For?

This Lent we’re taking a journey of discovery. We’re asking the most fundamental question of our existence and looking for answers. Here’s a clue: It’s not about you. You were created by God and for God and once you understand that life is never the same, it all begins to make sense. Join us for this exciting new message series, all weekend Masses beginning March 2 & 3.