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Psalms of Summer

Our 6-week summer series will look at six Psalms that can help you maintain some of that leisurely atmosphere amidst the stress and struggles that never seem to take a vacation. Is it the joy of God’s law, God’s presence, or God in your setbacks? Or is it about God as your provider, deliverer, or trusted friend? Whatever it is that keeps you from your “lazy, hazy days” this summer, we have a Psalm for you and a way for each psalm to impact your life.

All weekend Masses beginning June 15th & 16th

Upcoming Series

Mary’s Yes

Nothing is impossible with God, but nothing is possible without our consent. Our model for this mutual cooperation is Mary, the Mother of God. Catholics are sometimes criticized and often misunderstood about our devotion to Mary but when rightly understood Marian devotion should be honored and embraced. She is the proto-disciple of her son, his first follower and as such is our model and guide.

In this our second summer series we’ll take a look at Mary and really get to know her story and her unique and privileged place in salvation history. We’ll discuss what sets her apart from every other human being as well as what unites her to us all.

All weekend Masses beginning July 27 & 28 through September 1