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The New Year is the perfect opportunity to declutter our lives. We can establish rhythms and form habits that help us get rid of junk. Cleaning out closets, reorganizing the garage or the basement, eliminating what is obsolete or unused in the household. Great projects for this time of year for sure, but often there’s more clutter in our lives that can be easy to miss and difficult to eliminate. Many of us have cluttered calendars with a multiplication of unnecessary commitments. Distracted and lacking focus we can find ourselves mentally cluttered. And we might even experience emotional clutter as we carry around the baggage of broken relationships or past hurts.  Cleaning out the clutter can provide space to breath, to focus on what’s important, to build better relationships, to connect with God.

Through this series we’ll offer uplifting insight from Scripture and lots of practical steps you can take to simplify your life.

All weekend Masses beginning January 7 & 8

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