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Celebrate With Us

Join us for an uplifting and inspiring celebration at 8am, 10am and 12pm on Easter Sunday: your friends and family will enjoy a warm and welcoming environment, and everyone will appreciate powerful music,  and a practical message of hope. We’ll be offering amazing kid’s programs, including “All Stars” (ages 6 weeks to 6 years) and “Praise Party” (grades 1 to 4) our Easter Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Our Easter schedule includes three Mass times, 8 am, 10 am, and 12 noon, with plenty of seats in two great venues and lots of parking on and off campus. Of course, we’ll have some fun, too, and a few surprises, so make sure you have your camera.

You’re Invited

Join us this Easter

April 9, 2023

8am, 10am & 12pm

20 E Ridgely Road, Timonium MD 21093

Message Series 


Easter Message Series

Jesus came to serve, bring the goodness and grace of God’s kingdom from heaven to earth. Throughout his life, he served others most practically through his preaching and teaching and most spectacularly in his healings and miracle works. In his ultimate act of service, he laid down his life on the Cross and rose from the dead, once and for all breaking the power of sin and death.

Easter celebrates Jesus’ example of selfless and life-giving service, calling each of us to serve in this same way. Through the course of this series we’ll look at the new and more successful life we can live in the light of Jesus’ Resurrection, who it calls us to be and what it calls us to do.

Please join us in person or online for a new series beginning Easter Sunday, April 9, 8 & 10am, 12n.

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Directions & Location

We’re located in the heart of Timonium, MD directly off of York Road.

Our Address: 20 E Ridgely Road, Timonium MD 21093

Easter FAQ’s

When are the Mass times?

April 9: 8am, 10am, 12pm

Will Mass online be live for all Mass times? And how can I watch?

Yes, all Masses will be broadcast live on our website at You can also watch it on YouTube, Roku, Apple TV, and Facebook.

Will there be shuttles?

Yes, we will have shuttle service at all Masses in addition to our on campus parking. More information will be forthcoming closer to Easter.

What are the video venues?

We will have one video venue in our Theatre. The Theatre is next to our Next Gen wing and Praise Party (our Children’s Liturgy of the Word for Easter) which will be great for families with children.

What do you have for families with small children?

All ages are welcome to attend Easter Mass at Nativity. For our youngest guests we will have our All Stars program which is for children 6 weeks to 6 years. This is a check-in program and space is limited. For elementary school aged children, we’ll have Praise Party which is a high energy and fun environment for kids to engage in the story of Easter.

Do I need reservations?

While there are thousands of seats available, seating in our Sanctuary is on a first-come first-served basis.