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Learn about internships at Nativity

Build a foundation for your calling.

At Nativity, the primary goal of each internship is to develop the intern’s understanding of his/her individual calling to career or ministry through related training and experience. Interns are students who engage in a learning and developmental ministry experience during a summer.  Further information about each specific internship is available by contacting Leah Sisolak [email protected].

Ministerial Duties
These responsibilities are critical to the Nativity mission and this position plays a vital role in our ministry. Nativity expects all functions and responsibilities outlined below to be carried out with a heart surrendered to serving God as a form of worship.

• Follow a spiritual rhythm including daily prayer and Bible study to seek the Lord’s will.
• Connect to and participate in a local church through worship and weekly involvement.
• Conduct yourself in a manner that affirms biblical standards of conduct in accordance with Christian beliefs.

Work hard. Enjoy results. Have fun.

We’re looking for team members who are hungry, humble and smart. Hungry to learn and grow, humble enough to pursue new ideas and fresh approaches, and, well, just plain smart. Our environment is low key and casual, but we’re after results. Oh, and we have a lot of fun in the process.

Many Gifts. One Spirit.

Our growing staff comes with many different gifts and talents. They have to, because there are so many different things to do. Kids ministry, student ministry, missions, ministry, adult faith formation, finances, administration, technology, communications, and the list goes on. But we work together as a team, focused in our various roles, on our great goals.

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