A Vision of Revival

Join Our Community

Join us this Lent as our entire community reads Rebuilt Faith together in small groups.

Small Groups

Thank you for being a part of our small group community. We want you to belong and become exactly who God created you to be.  Our goal is to grow our culture of purpose-driven small groups. We are a growth-oriented community and believe that small groups are where we grow best…because it’s in the context of relationships.  Wherever you are on your journey we’ll meet you and provide ways for you to grow at your own pace. Joining a group should be easy and we invite our church twice a year Fall and during Lent to get connected to a new group or regroup but you can search open groups anytime below.

Stay Engaged

Our church teaches in message series each weekend throughout the year. Small Groups follow along this same schedule and most break during the summer months.  Groups still connect at our summer connection events off campus or on their own.  GroupFinder is where we keep a list of open groups for new members to join and rely on leaders to review and update their information each series.  Stay current on the message series by downloading the Nativity App where it shows on your main dashboard.

You’re Invited

Join us for connection events this year with our small group community and friends.  Check our featured events anytime on our events page below.

Lead a Small Group

Grow and gather with your group in weekly meetings, whether face-to-face or online. This is a special opportunity to invite others and facilitate deeper connections with disciples near and far.