Lead a Small group

Build Relationships that Build the Church

Lead 6-12 people in faith discussion to go deeper in the weekly message and support one another in their relationship with Christ through a small group. Facilitate connection and cultivate a safe and encouraging environment for group members. People seek to grow in faith and community in different ways. Explore how you might be able to guide them in the following formats:

In Person

Grow and gather with your group in weekly face-to-face meetings. This is a special opportunity to invite others into your home, or find a shared “home” in a common, physical space.



We have a thriving online community made up of disciples near and far. The love we have for our church family knows no distance! Create a home for people without the limits of geography.




We live in an ever-changing world! The needs of individuals may require some flexibility. Facilitate deeper connections and support the unique circumstances of a mix of in person and online members.