Traveler Stories


Daniel’s Story

What they lacked in material wealth did not deplete the richness they had in warmth and faith.

Haiti, Guatemala, Bahamas 2019 and 2022

Bonjou! My name is Daniel Miller and I have traveled with the Church of the Nativity three times. My international mission trips have been to Haiti, Guatemala and the Bahamas. When preparing for my trips, I tried not to have many expectations. I envisioned our accommodations being primitive in nature but my expectations were exceeded here. Instead of focusing on what I expected when in country, I focused on what I wanted to experience while there. I wanted to meet people and learn about their culture and way of life and their expression of faith. 

In the village we visited in Haiti, the community members had very few possessions. What they lacked in material wealth did not deplete the richness they had in warmth and faith. We walked from home to home, praying with a variety of community members. We prayed over a mother, pregnant with her 5th child, then onto a community member with debilitating arthritis. We prayed the son of a family who had cognitive differences and alongside other happy and healthy contributing community members. Each home, opened their door to us and gave us a glimpse into their beautiful and simple lives. No miracles were witnessed, but barriers around culture, language and monetary differences melted away, allowing us the space an opportunity to pray with and over this community.

While we were there, God shown brightly in a young women who had just graduated from the business school. She was starting a cookie making and selling business to support her growing family. She was a force who I remember singly loudly and joyfully during a worship service. As a mission team we wanted to buy up all her cookies to get her business off to a great start!