Traveler Stories


Mia’s Story

We were generously welcomed into their homes and lives.

Kenya 2017

Jambo! My name is Mia Rochfort and I have traveled with the Church of the Nativity to Kiu, Kenya. When I traveled with my team from Nativity in 2017, I expected to help people living in an African tribal village. The most impactful moments I experienced while in the country was being witness to the pure happiness of the community members we encountered. Even though they had so little in the way of material possessions, they still generously welcomed us into their homes and shared their food and tea with us. God was everywhere in Kiu, but most visible in the eyes of the children who were so excited to see us upon our arrival. 

I was expecting to help impoverished people with accepting dental care and teaching them all about how to use a toothbrush as I assisted Dr. Lynn Chincheck with dental examinations. I did those things and much more. Considering I learned very little Swahili prior to my trip, I was also expecting to share about my savior, Jesus Christ, with people who did not know English and did not know Jesus. As you might expect, that was quite a challenge. But the biggest learning that I received was the love and acceptance, and total peace of the people in the village at Kiu, Kenya. They taught me what that peace looked like. Peace is never acquired through material possessionsas I worked with those who had no shoes and children who had no idea what to do with a teddy bear. More so, peace is a feeling of calmness and total surrender of where you are at that moment. I fell in love with the people of Kiu and wanted to adopt a few of the children. I would be happy to speak with anyone who may have questions about this type of trip. I will never forget my moments there.