Traveler Stories


Nicole’s Story

The community was a true reflection of Christ living within them.

Haiti 2019

Bonjou! My name is Nicole Culhane and I traveled with the Church of the Nativity to Haiti in 2019. In preparation for the trip, I tried not to have too many expectations. I was excited to help contribute to the relationships that Nativity had with the 410 Bridge and therefore went into my trip with an open heart and mind. 

There were so many impactful moments I encountered during my mission trip to Haiti. I was traveling with my daughter who was at the time a high school freshman. Participating in a mission trip with her made this trip so much more special and impactful for me. I got to see firsthand how God was moving through her when she interacted with the children. She is wonderful with children anyway, but seeing the joy and love she shared with the children in the Haitian community we were working in, warmed my heart. There was so much love in the hearts of the children and adults within the community for each other and for their community. We had an opportunity to attend a church service while in the country, and both children and adults sang so beautifully and joyfully, being true reflections of Christ living within them. 

God was seen everywhere in the community. He was seen in the smiles and love the community members had for one another and in the sincere love they showed us. He was present at the church service we attended in the joyful voices of the community members lifted high in song and praise. He was seen in the faces of the students we taught, in their smiles and desire to learn something new and participate in school.