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Current Series

It’s easy to lose sight of the basics; it can happen in our family, at work, or even in school. It’s easy to lose sight of the basics, and in the process become confused about our purpose, mission and vision. As we launch our new church building, and our fall season, we’re returning to the basics, taking a closer look at some of the cornerstone or foundational beliefs of our faith as well as the mission, vision, and strategies to serve our faith that we have developed as a parish.

Upcoming Series: Staying Power

We grow by the commitments we make and fulfill. Committing to a marriage, a job, a friendship allows us to grow. Committing to take a class in a foreign language or to dance classes or to martial arts and fulfilling that commitment helps us to grow in our ability to do those things. Likewise we come to mature as Christians, in Christ-likeness by the commitments we make and keep. In this series we will look at the power of commitment and the steps we invite people to take as a church. These are commitments or habits that must be practiced over and over again. Commit to a life-long journey of growth. We will talk about both the commitments and the benefits of those commitments. You can’t be committed to everything but it is important to be committed to the right things.